About Us:

EDIH ENERGY is an Austrian multi-partner cooperation. Our consortium includes research associations, universities, local and regional governments, innovative start-ups, industry representatives, and many more. We also have linkages with other – national and international – EDIHs and service providers.

The EDIH Energy team is a partnership of experts in energy and sustainability, digitalization, technology, and innovation. We deliver value to our customers and clients based on our years of experience in setting up sustainable projects in the fields of energy planning, mobility and housing in municipalities and regions.

We are passionate about implementing innovative projects with you and our partners – whether they are public authorities, established companies, or small start-ups. Tell us how you’d like to power up the energy transition – and we’ll work together to make it happen.

Our Team

Markus Biberacher
Markus BiberacherResearch Studios Austria FG

Expert on Energy System Modelling

Martin Santa Maria
Martin Santa Maria Research Studios Austria FG

Operational Lead, Community

Peter A. Bruck
Peter A. Bruck

Expert on Digital Technology, Research and Technology Transfer

Christof Bernsteiner
Christof BernsteinerInvenium Data Insights GmbH

Expert on Data Analysis

Gerhard Bucar
Gerhard BucarGrazer Energieagentur

Expert on Smart Energy

Ulrike Lackner
Ulrike LacknerKnow Center

Expert on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Robert Ginthör
Robert GinthörKnow Center

Business Consulting

Andrea Geyer-Scholz
Andrea Geyer-ScholzSmart Cities Consulting

Urban Development Expert

Markus Schwarz
Markus SchwarzÖkostrombörse

Expert on Project Development

Franz Kok
Franz KokUniversity of Salzburg | Ökostrombörse

Wind Energy Expert

Florian Mayrhofer
Florian MayrhoferÖkostrombörse

Green Energy Engineer

Mathias Schaffer
Mathias SchafferNext Incubator

Sustainability and Innovation Expert

Nina Popanton
Nina PopantonData Intelligence Offensive

Scientific Communications, Coordination & Community Building

Nicole Kirowitz
Nicole KirowitzData Intelligence Offensive

Coordination & Community Building

Wahagen Khabayan
Wahagen Khabayan